Step 1- Estimating Your Brick Painting Project Time

Before you begin to tackle your Brick Painting Project, you’ll want to calculate the approximate amount of time the project take. An easy way to calculate the amount of time required to complete each application of paint for your brick painting project is to multiply your total square feet of brick by .04. The result is the amount of time that you can expect per application in terms of hours.

For example, if you have 120 square feet of brick to paint, the approximate time required will be 4.8 hours per application of paint (120 x .04) . Assuming your brick has an average porosity, it will probably require three coats (one primer and two paint) would therefor
e take approximately 14.4 hours for one person to complete.

Of course the above calculations do not take into account any necessary preparation or set up time and remember that painting brick that is more porous will take longer.

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