How to Paint Brick Like a Pro

As a third generation painting contractor, I’ve had many opportunities to paint brick fireplaces, brick walls, and brick exteriors. The following information is provided to help you learn how you can paint brick like a professional.

Why Paint Brick?

Dark, outdated, and ugly, are just a few of the reasons past clients have had their their brick fireplaces and walls painted. Other reasons to paint brick, include:

  1.   concealing smoke stained brick

  2.   concealing unmatched replacement bricks

  3.   creating continuity between the rooms elements and fireplace brick

  4.   maintaining previously painted brick.

Some options to painting brick include drywalling, refacing, and brick refinishing, however you should be aware of some important facts:

Drywalling over brick can be a quick and inexpensive solution for ugly brick, but the process can lower a home’s value, since real estate appraisers usually add more value for a brick fireplace than a drywalled fireplace.

  1. Refacing a brick fireplace provides the look of new brick, but can also be costly, particularly if complications result from the added thickness of new brick facing.


  1. Brick Refinishing  is
    an affordable alternative that changes the look of existing brick through an artistic recoloring process. This process combines stains, glazes, and other masonry finishes to create natural new brick finishes, without a painted brick look.

Before continuing, I’d like to caution that painting fireplace brick and specifically the interior brick of a fireplace firebox, it is not recommended. Although heat resistant paint for fireplaces does exist, heat resistant paint is not flame resistant, and not intended for firebox interiors as the paint releases noxious fumes when broken down by flames. So, please do not paint the brick inside of your firebox.

Now that I’ve explained a few options, let’s take a closer look at the steps that go into painting brick.

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Brick Fireplace being painted