Step 4- Painting Your Brick

Now that you’ve assembled everything you need, start by priming your fireplace using the 3/4 inch nap roller first, to apply your primer.  Because the brick is rough and porous you’ll want to prime as much as you can using the roller as your first application tool. 

After you’ve rolled as much of the brick surfaces as possible you can paint the edges and any other missed brick areas using the brush. If your brick is very porous, you may need the thin your latex primer using a small amount of water (do not thin on the final finish coat) in order to completely cover the porous brick.

Next, follow the primer manufacturer’s specifications for primer drying and re-coat times before proceeding to painting your brick. Once dry, apply the paint in the exact same manner as for the primer, outlined above. 

Repeat this process for each coat, allowing for drying and re-coat time’s.

The number of coats required to complete your brick painting project will depend on the paint quality, brick porosity and brick color.  At minimum, expect to apply one coat of primer and two coats of paint to your brick.  However, if your brick is porous or dark, more coats may be required.


Latex and acrylic primers and paint dry to the touch in hours and fully cure within 30 days.  If your brick is properly prepared, the finish should last for many years.  After completing your painting your fireplace brick, you can begin using your fireplace within 48 hours.

I’ve outlined some of the considerations, alternatives, and application procedures for painting brick. Hopefully this information will help you complete your project in a successful way. Thanks for visiting this site.